Talent Costs In Film Industry High?

By - March 28, 2015 - 10:37 PM IST

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In order to get the best output, you tend to invest and anything that has to do with quality is connected with money. This is the reason why a vertical such as the entertainment industry which survives and prospers purely out of talent is equated to the financial input being pumped in.

The fundamental has become clear now. If you want talented artists or technicians then you need to shell out. As such, talent costs high and though newbies are being made to do for peanuts or free and exploitation is happening, the moment you look at branded names, it involves high cost.

To add to that, there is actually no measurable for the price quote given by those who are in demand. It is all about demand and even if they quote a bomb, sometimes the producers have no choice but to comply. That way, a strong mismatch is there between investment and revenue which is creating a dent in the economy of the film industry on a large scale

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