Director On Rs 21000/- Coffee

By - March 28, 2015 - 10:22 PM IST

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When you go to a roadside stall and order coffee you pay him about Rs 10. If you have the same coffee in a 5 star hotel then you might pay him around Rs 200. But can you imagine having a coffee which costs a whopping Rs 21000 per kilo? Well, don’t be surprised because it exists.

This was revealed by the noted film personality and director Kuchipudi Venkat. Lately, Venkat has become a connoisseur of food as he has opened some really fabulous food joints in Hyderabad such as ‘WAK’ ‘Ulavacharu’ and others. His extensive knowledge in food and its related stuff is impeccable.

Akin to that, Venkat has revealed about the world’s most expensive coffee known as the Luwak Coffee which is manufactured by Laksmi Bali agro tourism. Going by its price, you can expect it is meant for the creamy layer and the filthy rich but who knows Venkat might just introduce this in his menu as well with a reasonable price.