Power Cuts Benefit Film Collections?

By - March 28, 2015 - 09:08 AM IST

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For a film to be screened properly in a theatre, the most important element is the electricity. Whenever current goes in theatres, it gets filled with roars and cuss words from the audience. But now, it appears that the power cuts have become a blessing in disguise for the cine circuit.

Apparently, with the summer season approaching, the power cuts are inevitable. So, during power cuts, people tend to go to theatres and relax. The main reason for this is the AC factor. This trend is high in Seemandhra because the weather is too taxing there and gets severe in summer.

If the same situation happens in Telangana then the theatres in the state will also see crowds like that. In Andhra, efforts are on to reduce power cut but at the same time, not all houses will have ACs. This also tends to drive people towards the theatres during the day.

On the other side, running the movie when power cut is there requires generator which is costly so some of the theaters especially in towns and villages work on AC which is air cooled and not air conditioned. All said and done, power cut and summer and movie collections are having an unusual bond between themselves.

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