New Twist in MAA Elections

By - March 27, 2015 - 06:38 PM IST

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This year MAA presidential elections have turned interesting like never before.

We know how things are changing rapidly in the industry regarding the MAA elections and adding to the drama, here is a recent advancement. Responding on the petition filed by Kalyan regarding the controversies in the activities of MAA election, the court took up the case and after examining the whole issue, gave green signal to the elections but under certain conditions.

As per the ruling of court, the elections will commence as per the scheduled date of 29th March. This whole election process has to be officially recorded but the counting has to wait until further orders.

We already saw the presidential candidates Rajendra Prasad and Jayasudha conducting press meets and making controversial statements against each other.

We need to wait and see for further twists and turns in this episode.

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