A Perfect's Sorry to another Perfect

By - March 27, 2015 - 04:51 PM IST

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We have many Heroes in our Indian Film Fraternity who enjoys the Demi-god status in our hearts. They always try to satisfy our entertainment appetite with their enormous talent. But among those we had a few perfectionists who will always try to show a new canvas through their perfectionist mind.

We are now talking about the two such brilliant perfectionists of our country. One is Hindi Super Star Aamir Khan and another one is Sakala Kala Vallabhan Padma Shri Kamal Hassan. We had a interesting incident happened between those, Aamir in a press meet said an unconditional apologies to the Kamal Hassan. Everyone shocked and surprised with this sudden bite.

Coming to the news, at the time of Vishwaroopam release kamal faced many hiccups from the censor boards, government and with many other things. Kamal bravely crossed all hurdles and released his movie with his never say die attitude. This movie was a huge hit and its second part Vishwaroopam 2 is also gearing up for June release.

Though this incident happened long time ago, but Aamir raised this matter and used the perfect stage of press meet to say sorry to Kamal for not being associated with him at the time of Vishwaroopam controversy. Due to his personal and professional commitments at that time he was unable to stay beside Kamal in such dire situation.

It’s a rare gesture by any person to point out their own faults. Kamal Hassan definitely accepts this and who would know, in future if they share screen together it would be a “Perfect” Frame of all time.

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