Gopichand's Jil Movie Review and Ratings

By - March 27, 2015 - 05:29 PM IST

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Cast: Gopichand, Raashi Khanna, Srinivas Avasarala, Posani Krishna Murali
Banner: UV Art Creations
Music: M.Ghibran
Producer: Vamshi Krishna Reddy,  Pramod Uppalapati
Director: Radha Krishna

Avg. User Rating: 2.75/5

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Tagline :
Stylish Action sans Entertainment!


Jai (Gopichand) is a fire station officer who is raised by his uncle and aunt (Urvashi, Chalapathi Rao). He rescues Savitri (Raashi Khanna) from an accident and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Janardhan (Bramhaji) steals Rs. 1000 Crore from his boss, an underworld Mafia don Nayak (Kabir). Nayak’s assistants are on the lookout for Janardhan. Incidentally, Jai attempts to rescue Janardhan from a fire accident as a part of his job. Janardhan gives a coat to Jai and while trying to explain something, he unfortunately dies. Nayak believes that Janardhan has told the secret of the money’s whereabouts to Jai. He starts hunting down Jai’s family and friends. Does Jai really know about where the money is? How  does Jai handle this tricky situation? Will he get to the money? What does he do if he get to the huge amount- forms the rest of the plot.


Gopichand: This is perhaps the first time where Gopichand looked at his stylish best. The role of fire officer suited perfectly for his physique. He was electrifying in the action sequences and danced well. He carried great emotional quotient during the rain action episode. However, he was not at his complete ease and was stuck with the style image. He has very few dialogues in the film compared to his earlier flicks. Audience who would expect a film like Loukyam would  be disappointed.

Raashi Khanna: She looked alright but her role has very limited scope. She can be a first hand choice for a fun loving bubbly female lead. However, she couldn’t impress with her dance moves.

Kabir: He is a new find for stylish villain roles in Telugu Cinema. He has good body language and acting skills.

Chalapathi Rao: He is seen in a tailor made role.

Posani Krishnamurali: The comedy sequences involving him sound clichéd and irritable. The second half’s tempo comes down drastically because of his comedy sequence with Prabhas Seenu.

Urvashi: She goes off in her usual Tamil accented diction and emotes more than needed.

Avasarala Srinivas: His role was unfortunately under utilized in the film.


This is a debut film for the director. Though the base storyline sounds novel, he chose a conventional method of narration. He handled the action sequences and marriage looks scene quite well. Interval bang also strikes a chord. However, he should have focused on the remaining technical aspects as well. The film revolves around the hero, his confrontation with villain and his success in the end. Jil also falls under the same category. The film deals with a hero who involves in a situation which is not relevant to him and helps out to solve it. Nevertheless, the director added stylish treatment to this routine plot thereby making it a stylish masala action entertainer. But in the result, the entertainment factor goes to back seat.  Interval bang arrives just when the hero- villain clash begins.

First half- It has been mainly used as just a launch pad for the actual story. The challenging sequences between hero and the villain came out quite well.

Interval bang- It is executed with good stylishness and mastery.

Second half-  But the pre climax is quite weak. There is good twist in the elevated sequences but it was not rightly executed on screen. The film ends with hero solving the issue and hero giving the money to charity. But questions like what was the relation between the hero and Janardhan? Why did Janardhan get a de-ja-vu feel when he saw the hero? Is it is practically possible to make a transaction of such huge amount?  -remain unanswered.

Action Sequences
Marriage Looks episode
Rain Fight sequence

Lack of solid entertainment
Illogical Sequences
Second Half’s comedy


Ghibran’s music is average with westernized songs and re-recording.Music could have been a bigger plus with more commercial numbers and power packed background score.


People who would want to watch Gopichand in a stylish avatar can watch this film. Jil would be liked by action movie lovers. If anything more than this is expected from the flick, one would be bound to be disappointed.

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