Coconut Land To Telugu Land

By - March 31, 2015 - 05:30 PM IST

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The moment you think of coconut, you can only think of Kerala and of course the hot Malayalam women. In a way, the Tollywood circuit owes a lot to the Kerala Kutties for their ravishing beauty and performance quotient in Telugu movies. It began right from the time of Radha.

In today’s time, the likes of gracious beauty Nayantara, the magnetic face beauty Nithya Menen and the doe eyed beauty Amala Paul have made their presence felt. Now, the time has come for yet another Kerala beauty to enthrall the Telugu audience. Her name is Keerthi Suresh.

Sources reveal she is making her debut in Tollywood opposite energetic star Ram for the new movie Hari Katha. Buzz is that the movie would be helmed by Kishore Tummala and Keerthi has got a very interesting role. Well, if she can play her cards smartly like her seniors, Keerthi can make it big in Telugu land!

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