Latest Twist In Hema MAA controversy!

By - April 02, 2015 - 04:43 PM IST

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The MAA elections have come and gone. However we are still eagerly awaiting the results to be out on April 7. On the other hand actress Hema is totally on fire. The day she had a verbal spat with artist Sivaji Raja, she has been fighting for justice.

She has already taken this issue to Dasari but discontented Hema wishes to meet Pawan Kalyan on this issue. Latest reports reveal that she has sought Pawan Kalyan’s appointment also. She might seek Pawan’s intervention and support in this issue.

Industry onlookers opine that this is an interesting move from Hema. This is indeed going to be a tough call for Pawan, who otherwise steps out mostly on social and political issues. The Mega family and others haven’t reacted on the issue yet. So, we need to wait and see how Pawan handles this and what justice will he fetch for Hema!

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