Horror For Cinema - Bhakti For TV

By - April 03, 2015 - 07:30 PM IST

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When you are to choose between devil and devotion your obvious choice would be the latter but an interesting situation has actually come up for the Telugu people today. Apparently, there is a horror treat waiting for the cine buffs at the theatres while there is devotional treat available at home.

Today, only two movies hit the screens and both are horror treats. They are Avunu 2, Chitram Kadu Nijam and most likely, these two flicks would appeal the youngsters. But for others, the TV channels such as Bhakti TV, Om, SVBC and others are getting huge demand than other entertainment channels.

Usually, the family audience and senior citizens are patrons for these channels and their favorite is devotion. As a result, channels are flourishing in a big way. Due to family soaps people are not coming to theatres. Similarly, comedy programs are also high so movies are not getting the demand. But horror is one genre not exploited in small screen. Many decades ago, in Doordarshan, there were programs like ‘Honee Anhonee’ ‘Khile Ka Rahasya’ which were quite popular. In today’s time, horror movies get patronage from youth due to the thrill factor but Bhakti always gets the higher response.