Don't Fall In Lakshmi's Trap

By - April 03, 2015 - 06:30 PM IST

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Whenever you read a gossip or a negative article about a heroine, you will also see that the very next day there is an angry reaction from the starlet. But the fact of the matter is, gossips and beautiful heroines go hand in hand and it is a never ending process. However, here is an interesting twist.

There is one heroine who feels that not enough gossips are coming on her and also added that the gossips have lost that spice flavor in them. She is none other than Lakshmi Menon who has been riding high in Kollywood and Mollywood. Recently, she also grabbed headlines for a nude video which was alleged to be hers.

While Lakshmi has cleared the air that it is not her, this new statement about gossips has alerted the media. They are saying to their colleagues and juniors like this “Just because she is encouraging, don’t get carried away and write gossips. She might file a case and you will get trapped.” What now Lakshmi?