Devil Caught On Mani Ratnam's Camera

By - April 03, 2015 - 11:04 AM IST

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You may have come across many instances wherein you have witnessed the ‘caught on cam’ paranormal activities. But what is something like that happens in the shooting of a film. Well, some are spreading a talk like that after watching few stills from the new movie Ok Bangaram.

This is directed by the maverick Mani Ratnam and in one of the stills from the movie, a man with a white shirt is seen partly. This has led to a satirical reaction from many and few others are saying it is not human with a tongue-in-cheek intent. Some are surprised as to how a veteran cinematographer like PC Sreeram missed it.

Another group is pointing their fingers towards Editor Sreekar Prasad and asking how could he miss this significant image! Above all, how did it even miss Mani Ratnam’s eyes is something that is bothering them! Unless we see the movie we will not know the real truth and it could well be one of those stills that would get deleted going forward.       

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