Salman Khan Inspired From 'Gang Leader'?

By - April 03, 2015 - 10:13 AM IST

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Most of you do not need any introduction on Salman Khan and he is called the mighty heart of Bollywood given his magnanimous gestures towards charity and social welfare. But Salman has a past that has been haunting him from many years and one such matter is the ‘hit and run’ case which led to the death of few footpath dwellers.

The ‘hit and run’ case has been going on for years together and the latest twist is, the driver went and confessed he drove the vehicle rashly. After hearing this, the social media is abuzz with comedy on the development. They say this happening looks like an inspiration from the blockbuster hit Gang Leader.

In that film, Satyanarayana’s daughter does an accident and Chiranjeevi takes the blame on him to save her and goes to jail. Of course, Satyanarayana helps him later in the film. Now, many are quipping that Salman’s driver is doing the same to save his master’s alleged crime. Only time will reveal the truth and justice.

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