Who Will Take The Title 'Dhamkee'?

By - April 02, 2015 - 10:59 PM IST

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For you to get connected with any movie in the strongest manner, the title is very important. This is the reason why many filmmakers break their heads on coining the right kind of title. And then there are those times when certain dialogues, one line of a song or a slang word become apt for a title.

In that process, some of the cine folks have been discussing on one thing. They are waiting to see who would take the title Dhamkee. If you recollect, then in the recent release Temper during the interval break, the word Dhamkee is seen onscreen. Many thought Puri will use it for his next project.

They all felt it would be for Nithiin’s movie but Puri has put Maa Amma Seetamalakshmi for that. On the other hand, Dhamkee is also very powerful and a big mass hero can use it for his movie. Already, logic director Sukumar is using Dandayatra as the title for his next movie with young tiger Jr NTR.

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