Trimming Needed For 'S/O Satyamurthy'?

By - April 02, 2015 - 10:44 PM IST

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All of you are well aware that the time has come for the movie S/o Sathyamurthy to hit the screens and the expectations are very high. However, some of them have raised eyebrows on one matter. It is the duration of the movie. Well, talk from censor board is that the duration is 2 hours 45 minutes.

However, the makers are confident that this long duration has enough material to engage the viewers and they would relish every moment of it despite the length. Whatever the confidence, it is the audience who will take the final decision. But there is a talk that Trivikram Srinivas has begun considering the feedback.

There are speculations that he might cut down the film by another ten minutes so that it fits the conventional two hours and thirty minutes duration. If he doesn’t then base on the audience response post release, the team might trim the movie by few minutes. Let us see what happens.

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