Waiting to do a Multi starrer with Prabhas: Gopichand Interview

By - April 04, 2015 - 12:58 PM IST

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Gopichand is one of the competent action heroes of Tollywood. He has given power packed performances right from beginning of his career and took up an adventure subject like Saahasam later. He gave one of the biggest hits last year with Loukyam and now enthralled the audience with his stylish appearance in latest film Jill. On that eve , here is an exclusive chitchat with the actor:

Hello Gopichand.. congrats on the success of your new film Jill..
Hi.. Thanks a lot..

What made you accept a contrasting subject like Jill?
My earlier film Loukyam was an out and out comedy entertainer. I wanted to do something different from it as my next project. This was why I chose an action entertainer like Jill. I am glad that even the audience liked the same aspects which prodded me to do this film.

You have changed your look completely for this film and looking quite stylish. What was the motivaton behind it?
Right from my first film, my look has been consistence and there was no major change. Most of the crew members in Jill were my friends and wanted me to change my look. I wasn’t confident about the new look until I changed my hairdo and having a photo shoot. I am quite happy that my changeover helped the film’s success as well.

There is a talk about Jill that the film focused more on style rather than content..
If a film is bad, no matter how stylish it is, there wouldn’t be much of help. Because the film’s storyline is good, it became a hit. Style has just added it to become more appealing.

People are also saying comedy track is comparatively less?
Comedy track for any film shouldn’t appear forced and it should aid the story telling process. That was why we focused on more the main storyline than just comedy.

Everybody seems to be speaking about your female lead Raashi Khanna in Jill. She has been given high praise for her performance. Your comment?
I am not surprised because she did a commendable job. Raashi Khanna gave a new vigor to the lively character with her sweet dialogue delivery and looks. Raashi Khanna is an actress with high commitment values. Even after the director approved a scene, she used to go for more takes to improvise her performance.

How was it doing an unconventional role like fireman in Jill?
I don’t think any hero in Telugu did the role of a fireman in recent times. During those days, legendary actors like Sr.NTR and Kamal Hassan did it. I am feeling proud to do such role now.

What was Prabhas’s feedback after watching Jill?
He appreciated the film and said that action and stylish content is good. I can never forget the co operation and help he gave throughout the making.

Did you ever plan to do a multi starrer with Prabhas, as you both are very good friends?
I would love to do and I am sure he also wants to do a film with me. However, we are in look out for a good story.

Do you have any dream roles which you want to do in coming years?
My dad T Krishna did films which deal with social responsibility and issues. But these days no good story writers for such films. I really want to do such films which would make the audience think about social responsibility.

How is your upcoming film with B.Gopal going on?
The film is almost completed and is an action entertainer. It is all set for summer release this May.

Would you like to do Tamil films?
After Varsham I didn’t do any film in Tamil. I haven’t focused on Tamil film industry till now. I would be pleased to do a negative role as well if I get but it should have competent weight as the hero’s character.

What is your role in the film’s budget control usually?
The idea of budget control is entirely the producer’s responsibility. He should know how to manage things effectively to make it a reasonable one. In order to do it, team work is most essential and I would do my part sincerely to attain it.

Upcoming Projects?
Will be doing a film under Bhavya creations banner. More details of it later.

Okay..thank you and wish you the best for future projects!
Thanks a lot.