35+ Hero is ready for Marriage

By - April 06, 2015 - 10:10 PM IST

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The ideal age for a man to get married according to the current trend is 27-29 (if not maximum 30 after which it gets tougher). Of course there are exceptions where people get married at 40s, 50s & even more than that.

But 30+ is a cool thing here in film fraternity. There are many eligible bachelors about 30+ like Prabhas, Rana who are pretty cool enjoying their bachelorhood. But here is a lanky South Indian hero who is now looking upon getting married at the age of 37. He is none other than Vishal!

He was quite busy focusing on career so far and interestingly, he finds 37 to be the right age to get married. While the industry circles speculate it to be Varalaxhmi (daughter of Sarath Kumar) in the wake of the rumors about Vishal-Varalaxmi relationship, Vishal chose to keep mum about his dream girl and left us to keep guessing!

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