There Ok - What About Here?

By - April 06, 2015 - 06:30 PM IST

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The nexus between Tollywood and Kollywood goes way back and it must be said that more than work from Tollywood to Kollywood it is vice-versa which gets more appreciation. This is the reason why many Tamil films, songs and their heroes or heroines get red carpet welcome in Tollywood.

Now, one movie which has been in the reckoning since a while is Ok Bangaram which happens to be the dubbed version of the Tamil movie Ok Kanmani being helmed by the maverick Mani Ratnam. Instead of a full fledged audio release, Mani had unveiled a song which came as Mental Manadhil.. in Tamil and ‘Mental madhilo…’ in Telugu.

Reports reveal that this song has become the number one chartbuster in Tamil but its equivalent in Telugu’s status is not known. While most of them have been talking about songs of S/o Sathyamurthy and other movies, this number didn’t find a place. However, latest reports reveal the song is in top 5 though it is not the top 1. Let us wish the other songs from the film make up for it.

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