Will This Be An Adult Documentary?

By - April 06, 2015 - 08:30 PM IST

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It would be rather amateur if one has to be explained between a feature film and a documentary but for reiteration sake, a documentary is usually message oriented sans any dramatics and it usually focuses on real life individuals and real life issues. But what happens when a documentary is made on an individual with a rather unusual past.

Well, that seems to have triggered the discussion among many cine circles and cine buffs. Apparently, a filmmaker by name Dilip Mehta has decided to make a documentary on the life of the erotic sex goddess, Sunny Leone. It is known that Sunny was the queen of adult film entertainment at one point.

This seems to be the main crux for the documentary so speculations are rife whether it would be like an adult documentary. However, inside news is that though the subject and content is quite spicy, the taking and making is going to be rather aesthetic and would project a new angle in Sunny. Let us wait for that then.

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