Copassenger makes Shruti Haasan cry?

By - April 06, 2015 - 02:06 PM IST

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The most loved actress of India was into tears and that too during a flight journey! If you think it was due to some emotional reason, you should go through this surprising story.

Going into the details, Shruti Haasan was travelling from Hyderabad to Tripathi when this incident happened. Her male co-passenger was talking aloud on phone attending few calls. Shruti requested, pleaded, cautioned and even warned him to shun that loud talk on phone and despite many such requests, the same repeated and the co-passenger continued to talk aloud.

Clueless Shruti broke out into tears and eventually the air hostess and her fellow passengers had to calm her down. Her male co-passenger who intentionally or unintentionally troubled her also had to give an explanation, as per sources. Interestingly, the male co-passenger was learnt to be a politician from Andhra Pradesh.

Well, the situation looks absolutely sensitive and can be interpreted in a million ways. But Shruti breaking into tears will certainly not go well with her fans!

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