Tollywood Is Fully Silent About Him

By - April 06, 2015 - 03:00 PM IST

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The buzz that you see in the social media has caused a lot of impact and impression on those who mention something on it. This is more to do with the film celebrities who tend to share their reactions on issues that are happening in the society. Their reactions are then interpreted by the Aam Janta.

There are many celebs in Tollywood active in social media with prompt response and reactions. But surprisingly not one soul spoke about a man who has done some remarkable feats. His name is Malli Mastan Babu and he happens to be a mountaineer who has achieved some great milestones.

Recently, Mastan Babu was discovered dead somewhere in the snowy mountain ranges between Argentina and Chile. Unfortunately, despite his credentials and popularity, none from the Tollywood circuit spoke about the incident. Whether it is lack of awareness or a feeling of insignificance is not known but it would have felt nice if we saw something.

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