Heroine's Love For Nonagenarians

By - April 07, 2015 - 09:00 PM IST

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In case you are not aware, a nonagenarian is a person who is aged between 90 and 99 years and India is one country which has got an ample number of them. Usually, senior citizens are not given that amount of preference or consideration but one beautiful heroine has expressed her strong love for them.

She is none other than the ravishingly beautiful Radhika Apte and recently she shared her thoughts with a tweet which goes like this –

"I know a 93 years old woman I want to be like if I ever live to be 93; and today I met a 92 years old man who reminded me of her. #mademyday’"

While it is indeed an unforgettable experience when you meet a nonagenarian and spend some time with them, it is interesting to see Radhika hoping to live that long. Those who read her tweet say Radhika is making the most of every moment of her life and wish she lives not upto the 90s but also touches a 100 too.

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