Fans Scolding Hero For His Wife

By - April 07, 2015 - 07:30 PM IST

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Though you may find it fanciful and fun filled, life is not at all easy when you become a hero. This is because you become a public figure and everything you do or say creates an impact in the society. At the same time, the public acceptance should always be there and this is especially from the fans.

On the other side, fans are non-compromising and if they don’t like something they don’t mince any words to express their displeasure. This is something the noted Tamil star Suriya experienced. Recently he was sharing his thoughts at an audio release function of his wife Jyothika’s comeback movie.

Suriya reportedly revealed how many of his and Jyothika’s fans blasted him for having made her quit acting. Jyothika is an extremely talented starlet and she quit the industry at the peak of her career. Now that Suriya has got his share of blastings, he seems to have realized it is high time his wife gets back. And this has become good news for Jyothika’s fans.

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