I May Celebrate Only Their Birthdays, says RGV

By - April 07, 2015 - 10:41 AM IST

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Each one of you would have your own perspective about certain things in life and issues related to society. But what happens when a man comes up with something very unconventional and radical but still manages to attract the majority of the population. That is a rare trait and one man has got that in him.

He is the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and he has a new cult known as Ramuism wherein he has given his viewpoint on various issues. Now, RGV has come up with an exclusive interview to iQlik wherein he spoke about birthdays and his concept behind them.

RGV reportedly said “I don’t like birthdays because it reminds me of my death and active life is coming to an end. Since we can do nothing about it I keep quiet but if anyone reminds me I don’t like it. Why should we celebrate birthday? This is happening due to low self-esteem. He/she feels good when someone wishes. If you are really happy for no reason then you can celebrate but just because you were born celebrating is not right. Taking birth is an accident. However, Ayn Rand and Bruce Lee brought a difference to my life so I may celebrate their birthday in a bigger way but I will not celebrate mine, celebrate your happiness not your birthday.” More of this can be had in our website.

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