Sexy Lady Nominates Dog For Oscar

By - April 07, 2015 - 01:30 PM IST

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As a film artist or technician, the ultimate achievement and honor would be to receive the prestigious Oscar award. This is the reason why each year, many in Indian cinema try to do their best to gain that international acceptance and recognition. But here is another interesting story happening.

One sexy lady feels her pet dog deserves an Oscar award for being the naughtiest in the world. She is none other than Shraddha Das and the pretty starlet shared her thoughts on her Twitter account by posing for the camera along with her dog which is a Black Pug.

This dog happens to be a new member in Shraddha’s family and she has been quite overwhelmed having him around. As you can see, the dog seems to be keeping our pretty lady on her toes with his naughty acts. Maybe she must upload a video of her dog and then we can come up with an online petition for the Oscar.  

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