Super Machchi Mania In Karnataka

By - April 11, 2015 - 09:07 AM IST

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In case you are not aware the word ‘Machchi’ happens to be a Tamil word for brother-in-law and it is used more like slang in Chennai and surroundings with those who are close. Our man Devi Sri Prasad took this as the cue and composed a whole song for the movie S/o Satyamurthy which became a chartbuster.

Of course, even the song’s context has a slight Tamil backdrop to it but here is an interesting update. Reports are arriving from Karnataka that the song is getting a lot of whistles and claps in theatres. ‘Super machchi…’ has become a mania and more than DSP’s tune or Bunny’s steps, there is another reason.

That reason is Kannada star Upendra. Apparently, Upendra also shakes his leg for few shots and because of that, the Kannada masses have gone bonkers and they are dancing inside the theatres itself. As such, Upendra is a very big name in Sandalwood industry and that too among the masses so this has been helping the song a lot and thereby the film.

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