Amma Deenamma Baththaayo

By - April 14, 2015 - 08:30 PM IST

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Reading the headline might make you wonder what this is all about but let us clear the air for you. This line happens to be a dialogue which will soon be heard and seen in the new movie Dongata. The dialogue is uttered by ’30 Years’ Prithvi looking at his co-star Pragathi Mahavadi.  

This dialogue was also revealed in the trailer of the film and those who saw this are discussing about it. They state that at an instant, it sounded like some swear word but inside sources confirm that there is nothing like that. It is heard that once the context is understood in the movie, everyone will have a hearty laugh.

All said and done, the dialogues in Dongata movie are attracting mass audience in a big way and it must be said that the trailer has made its presence felt in a big way. Given the presence of high caliber comedians like Brahmanandam, Prithvi and others, Dongata is garnering the right kind of attraction from the audience.