2 Key Factors for S/o Satyamurthy Success

By - April 14, 2015 - 08:37 PM IST

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Some combinations are bound to defy logics and break equations and myths. We have many such sensational combos in film industry so far and Trivikram-Allu Arjun duo has just joined the list.

There was always a clear disparity between a good film and a hit film. After watching the first show of Son of Satyamurthy, even many reviewers, industry onlookers and others have thought that this is a good film and were hence skeptical about the box-office performance of the movie. The film even garnered a divided talk and mixed reviews as well.

But S/o Satyamurthy movie broke all the myths, predictions, negativity and topped the chart of highest grossers like a Boss! The film is estimated to have collected about Rs 45 crores worldwide in the first weekend which is no less a wonder for an Allu Arjun film. Now trade pundits are decoding and trying to understand the key success factors of Son of Satyamurthy. Here are the two widely believed ones –

1) Not Great…Not Bad: The film is unarguably not a pakka commercial and especially a typical Trivikram mark entertainer. There is no hilarious comedy track, highlight episodes or that wow factor that keeps SoS besides Trivikram’s earlier films but the one-liners and performances have pulled the wagon and made this film a one-time watch time pass affair. While critics and fans are worrying about the quality of Trivikram's film, the average mango man (Aam aadmi) is enjoying the film with his family.

2) No Competition: Usually big player films like Son of Satyamurthy ensure that they have no competition and especially this film is heavily benefitting out of this. There is no other alternative in the vicinity for the audience and moreover, the movie being a family entertainer, SoS is seeing packed houses right from day1. Especially, the multiplexes are witnessing some staggering crowds over the weekend and even on week days. With no other film releasing until this Friday and the sheer magnitude of SoS release, the movie is estimated to enjoy a similar reception in the coming week as well.

Wishing Allu Arjun, Trivikram and this path-breaking Son of Satyamurthy more records!

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