Satire On Star Heroes In 'Dohchay'

By - April 25, 2015 - 08:20 PM IST

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When you watch few movies, you come across few scenes or characters that remind you of some real life incident or people. Most of the times, such situations are created on a lighter vein and for the purpose of entertaining the audience. The same formula seems to have been applied in the new movie Dohchay.

In the film, comedy king Brahmanandam has essayed the role of an ageing actor who is a big star hero. One scene shows that he is shooting for a film and has to jump from a stool which is about two feet. But Brahmi glares at the producers and he asks for a stool of just half foot height.

From there he jumps and shot is okayed. Those who saw this scene are saying this is more like a satire on the star heroes who show a lot of tantrums for even a small stunt. While the audience had a hearty laugh on this scene, let us wish even the star heroes take this in their stride with a pinch of salt.

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