Nandita Das Of This Generation?

By - April 28, 2015 - 05:25 PM IST

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Most of the heroines that we see become visions of beauty and our fantasy queens but among them, there are those who create their own signature style with their choice of scripts and roles. They form an image through that. One such lady is Nandita Das known for her natural beauty and performance.

In her career, Nandita has been part of some bold roles and earned a revolutionary image of sorts. Now, it appears that her successor has come. She is none other than the ravishingly beautiful Radhika Apte. Though she started off with a soft spoken and homely role in the movie Rakta Charitra, things have changed now.

Radhika has broken all barriers and she has been coming up with open statements on sex, live-in relationships and what not. Not stopping at that, Radhika has also taken part in a short film wherein she went nude. Soon, she would be seen in the Telugu screens with the movie Lion but it must be said that she has become lioness of sorts with her boldness quotient.

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