1500kms Cycling to meet Powerstar!

By - April 30, 2015 - 09:13 PM IST

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If you are a fan of a Hero, what you can do to show your love towards him? Mostly you will watch his movie on the first day or stick the posters of him in your room or tattoo his name on your body or else do charity on his name!

But today a person called Addanki Ravi who hails from Kharagpur (West Bengal), travelled over 1500 kilometers on a bicycle (believe us…it’s a bicycle) to meet his favorite hero Pawan Kalyan. Ravi’s only dream in life is to meet Pawan personally. But unlike others who just keep dreaming all their life, Ravi set out to make this dream true. All he had was bicycle and he just resort to cycling from West Bengal to Hyderabad (because trains/flights are too mainstream). Ravi reached Janasena Party office at 5pm today and finally met Pawan Kalyan.

He was so excited and elated to have met his favorite hero and the warmth his favorite star extended. Pawan Kalyan spent some quality time talking to his fan and asking about his journey and wellbeing.

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