Eve Teasing Case: TV Actress Impressed with She Team

By - April 30, 2015 - 07:06 PM IST

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We see our heroes bashing up goons when eve-teasing happens. If it is his sister, our hero might not compromise to demand a high octane chase scene as well. But reality is entirely different and we seldom have real life heroes who can dare to question when they witness an eve-teasing case.

And so did our television actress expect some hero to pop up out of blue and rescue her from eve-teasing. Going into the details, popular TV actress Asmitha suffered eve-teasing in broad daylight when two youngsters tried to tease her driving along with her. But here is what Asmitha did for a difference. She used her social networking handle and posted the photographs of the teasers and reported to the special SHE Team branch of police that was initiated to address issues like these. Surprisingly, the SHE Team has taken the culprits into custody in no time. The actress who otherwise did not expect this, was bowled out to see such a quick action from the police. She even thanked the SHE Team and urged women to be strong and smart enough to fight back in situations like these.

Well, incidents like these do teach us somethings and hope we learn our lessons. Live and let others live with peace and dignity. Agreed?

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