Why Money Crunch In Film Industry?

By - May 02, 2015 - 06:27 PM IST

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Though most of us treat films as a means of entertainment and art, the ground reality is that, it has become a business these days. There are many who look at entertainment as a viable commercial product and irrespective of their credentials they come forward to make films.

But now, a money crunch situation has developed in the industry especially Tollywood. Just when everything is ready for a film and it is set for release financiers are coming at the last moment and stopping it. They are saying they want their money. But the money crunch is arising mainly due to shooting budgets and star remunerations.

Despite tight planning, the budget is going overboard and this is happening because on the sets, the filmmakers become liberal. Almost every big budget movie is having this issue just at the time of release. The financiers don’t want to take chance so they are sitting right at the start and demanding their money back. The need of the hour is, the budget has to be controlled and only then things will improve.

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