Kona Venkat's Satire On His Dialogues

By - May 02, 2015 - 06:14 PM IST

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If you have noticed the pattern of dialogues over the last few decades in Tollywood, you would have seen a drastic change in the way the flavor has changed. These days, a lot of marks are given for dialogues which have satire and punch in them. One man who has become a master in that is Kona Venkat.

He is the star writer of Tollywood who is in demand for his witty and power packed dialogue with a tinge of cynicism in them. But this time, Kona has gone ahead and came up with a satire on his own dialogues. This was seen in the teaser of the new movie Pandaga Chesko featuring energetic star Ram.

The handsome hero says “Dhairyam anedhi blood lo untadhi...body lo untadhi..family lo untadhi..gundellonchi vache dammulo untadhi...ilanti yedava sollu cheppatam naaku chiraak ra”. Kona Venkat usually writes such dialogues for big mass heroes but this time he came up with something reverse which is more like a self-satire. This is interesting!

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