Sunny's Cute Words About Customs Officer

By - May 02, 2015 - 01:09 PM IST

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What are your best chances of seeing a well known heroine outside and that too without much crowds around her? Well, it is at the airport. So, you must be feeling quite envious of all those customs and other airport officials at Mumbai who get to see so many stars.

And what if one among them happened to be the erotic sex goddess Sunny Leone? Well, something like that reportedly happened when one of the custom officers realized Sunny was standing right in front of him showing her papers. Sharing her thoughts about it, Sunny gave a rather cute answer.

Well, the hot siren reportedly said the customs officer was asking her many questions and finally said he wanted to take a picture with her. While Sunny found that to be sweet, she also stated it would have been appropriate if the customs officer did his job first and then took a picture. But it is all on the way Sunny revealed about this incident in a matured manner which was cute and funny to hear.

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