Ganga leads over UV in 1st Weekend!

By - May 05, 2015 - 10:47 PM IST

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You know what's special about this first week of May?

This week has witnessed an interesting contest between two dubbing films - Uttama Villain and Ganga (Muni 3). The former is the much anticipated one from the Universal hero while the latter is a promising underdog of the season. UV & Ganga belong to two different genres respectively and are the creations of two supremely talented film personalities and the pride of Indian cinema.
However, by the end of the first weekend, the box office performance of Lawrence's Ganga is relatively better than Kamal's Uttama Villain in the Telugu market. As per trade sources, Ganga has minted over Rs 8.5 crores in both the Telugu states while Uttama Villain managed to mint over Rs 2.7 crores in the first weekend.

Well Uttama Villain suffered a huge loss due to the stalling of release on the first day (May 1). However, Ganga released on May 1 and hence had an edge. Moreover, Ganga is seeing an increased occupancy in the B,C centres and UV proves matchless in multiplexes.

On the other hand, Uttama Villain is extremely good in the overseas market and now the trimmed version is believed to brighten the game for Uttama Villain. Luckily both the films have got Lion out of the way for one more week. So let us see what wonders both the films will create down the lane.

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