Father On Auto-Son On Aeroplane

By - May 12, 2015 - 06:19 PM IST

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You would have heard about those interesting stories wherein the father hails from a very poor background but his son becomes an IAS officer or a big industrialist. Right now, the discussion happening in filmnagar is about a father who is riding auto and his son who is buying aeroplanes.

Of course, there is an interesting angle to it. We are talking about the duo of megastar Chiranjeevi and his son mega powerstar Ram Charan. Apparently, Chiranjeevi is focusing all his energies on his new movie Auto Jaani wherein he would be essaying the role of a auto driver.

On the other hand, Charan is busy putting all his attention towards his dream project of Trujet, a low cost airline. Sources reveal he is already in the process of buying few aircrafts for this and this is exciting the mega fans in a very big way. All in all, the mega father-son duo is sure grabbing the limelight.

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