Ravi Panasa Questions Injustice

By - May 12, 2015 - 05:44 PM IST

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Ravi Panasa is quite a well-known name in the film and PR circle. Recently he made it into the headlines for the wrong reasons by getting arrested on charges of drug possession and was later released on bail. Now, he has come out with his side of the story.

Recently, Ravi Panasa came in front of the media and shared his thoughts on the injustice meted out on him. He reportedly revealed about one police informer named Praveen and how he was responsible for the entire mess. Apparently, Praveen has been blackmailing celebrities and ladies from high societies using their nude photos.

Ravi reportedly disclosed that Praveen has been trapping celebs in drugs case and that is how he turned a victim of Praveen’s crooked ploys. Ravi also stated that even some police are corrupt and recalled an instance in the past wherein an SI demanded Rs 5 lakhs for removing the case. Ideally, the mobile phone of any accused should be ceased but Ravi revealed that the cops made several calls from his phone. Ravi also accused that Praveen took his debit card and used all his money.

Now this informer Praveen got arrested but Ravi Panasa got trapped in a drug case. Ravi questions this injustice through media and even declared that he would soon file a case against the police as well.

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