Heroine Alerts About Fake Account

By - May 12, 2015 - 11:58 AM IST

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When you log onto the internet and get into any social networking sites, you would have many film celebrities in them. But if you want to know which is a genuine account, the likelihood is that you would get very confused because there will be many profiles with the celebrity’s face on it.

So, there are those times when the celebs have to come into the open and testify about their accounts. Something like that has happened with the leggy beauty Kriti Sanon. She sent an alert to all her fans and admirers about a fake account that existed on her name.

Kriti’s message went like this- ‘Guys.. Pls unfollow @ikritisanon on instagram! It’s a fake account made much before I came on insta! My official handle is--> kritisanon’

So, in case you are part of Instagram and want to know what this pretty starlet is upto then you know which handle needs to be connected to. This is indeed a sensible move from this sweet looking girl.

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