Biggest Popularity For Unknown Villain

By - May 12, 2015 - 11:08 AM IST

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When you become a hero, your recognition is special and when you become a comedian, you get the next best attention. But it must be said that the same is not the case with the villains. Unless it is someone like a Prakash Raj, Mukesh Rishi or Sonu Sood, the villains don’t really register an impact.

But now, one filmmaker seems to be keen on giving the biggest popularity for an unknown villain. The director is none other than S S Rajamouli and the villain is Prabhakar. Have you heard this name? Well, Prabhakar happens to be the same actor who did the role of Byreddy in the film Maryada Ramanna.

Now, he has got an exclusive single poster from Rajamouli for the magnum opus Baahubali. He is essaying the role of warlord Kalakeya and this is an interesting move by Rajamouli. The tough taskmaster is creating an identity for someone who never had so much recognition despite a long career.

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