'Smoothly Elegant'- Nara Rohit's Asura Audio Review

By - May 15, 2015 - 11:10 AM IST

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Asura is an upcoming action packed entertainer starring the angry young man Nara Rohit and Priya Benerjee in lead roles. The film is directed by Krishna Vijay and music is composed by Sai Karthik. Here is an iQlik exclusive audio review of the album:

The album begins on inspirational note with Potetthina Toorupu which has a tinge of creepiness in terms of the ambience. Washishta Sharma’s impressive lyrics are blended with classy tune by the composer. There is a mild flavor of Carnatic Raaga Naata which is used quite well in the song. Sai Karthik and Karunya deliver their beyond best for this peculiar number.

Yuddham Cheyara is an optimistic number which speaks of fight and confrontation in terms of music and lyrics. The song is essentially based on Hindustani Raag Jog represented in fusion style. The duel between the chorus and classical vocal solo remains to be the highlight of the track.

It is time for an intelligent item song touch with Sukumaara. Sharvana Bhargavi’s husky digital vocals with classical style are fused well with contemporary sounds. Krishna Kanth’s lyrics appeal to be more poetic than oozing out fancied peppiness. The main asset of this item song is the relaxed style of approach and effortless interludes.

Peru Theliyani is a feel good duet sung brilliantly by Hemachandra and Divija Karteek. Despite having the 90s Mani Sharma flavor, the song gives a wonderful melodic touch to the overall album. While Hemachandra’s vocals are stylish, Divija’s vocals have the essential classical touch. The bass work is kept simple and straight which blends coolly with the velvety strings.

The peculiar album arrives to a finale with Nee Thalape- a passionate sad solo with westernized vocals by Sai Charan. B.Subbaraya Sharma’s poetic lyrics are quite impressive for a song of this sort. The delicate piano touches do their job with no mistakes.

Asura is a classy album once again for Nara Rohit who had some very good albums like Baanam and Rowdy Fellow earlier. This album also falls in similar category with a melodious take on commercial cinema.

Rating: 3.25/5

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