Hero's Earthquake Link

By - May 16, 2015 - 12:29 PM IST

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In the last few days, the only topic which was being discussed strongly among many was the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Thousands lost their lives and few others survived. In that, there were also few film teams from the south which went there to have a great shoot.

One among them was the Tamil film 10 Endradhukulla and this has Chiyaan Vikram along with the cute smile queen Samantha in the lead. Apparently, this film canned a major portion of the film in Nepal and it is heard that all those areas where they shot no longer remain due to the earthquake.

Buzz is that those areas got wiped out and only the celluloid images remain. Sources reveal Vikram is feeling quite upset about it and they were present in those locations barely a week before the earthquake struck. So, this film is going to give that rare chance for viewing all those locations and Vikram can never forget this one.

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