Sneha Ullal breaks Silence on Relationship Status

By - May 19, 2015 - 02:01 PM IST

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We know this is the Wedding season. While some film celebs are getting hitched, some are busy condemning rumors about their wedding. It was Nayantara the other day and today it is Sneha Ullal.

Like every other heroine, Sneha Ullal has been linked up with her co-actors and others earlier. Condemning and clarifications are quite common in cases like these but interestingly, renowned open source encyclopedia Wikipedia informs that Sneha Ullal’s spouse is someone named ‘Yogesh Patil’. This indeed pushed her poor fans into confusion. So finally Sneha Ullal chose to break the silence and offer some clarification regarding her relationship status.

“I am not only unmarried and single but also have never been married, though google says otherwise..NO TIME FOR LOVE”

In the span of two days two heroines clarified on their relationship status. In future, we don’t know how many heroines would join in this ‘club of clarification’. Meanwhile, cheers Sneha! Keep going!

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