Sand Storm Frightened The Heroine

By - May 20, 2015 - 03:58 PM IST

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You may be the world’s most powerful person with all the money and resources but despite all that, you can never stand against one force, that is Mother Nature. History has shown how when nature unleashes its fury, humans become mere puppets and victims. And sometimes, these natural acts cause a lot of fear.

Something like that has happened with the cat eyed beauty Sneha Ullal. Apparently, this pretty girl is shooting far away in Rajasthan and it is heard that the entire set was blown away and damaged due to a sand storm and then a hail storm. Well, these things are quite common in Rajasthan around this time.

But this is perhaps the first time Sneha Ullal has experienced it so closely and hence her fright. Thankfully, there were no human casualties but there was sizeable property damage. While the restoration work is in progress, let us wish Sneha Ullal also restores her courage and continues her work.

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