Lessons To Be Learnt From Puri Jagannadh

By - May 22, 2015 - 10:02 AM IST

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Whenever you look at certain personalities in the film industry you tend to draw a lot of inspiration and confidence from them. One man who is the best example for this is crazy director Puri Jagannadh. Apart from his radical style of filmmaking, there are many other lessons that can be learnt from him.

Firstly, it is his ability to shape up movies without any gaps. The latest we hear is, since the 150th movie of Megastar Chiranjeevi will take around 4 months Puri has reportedly gone ahead to do a film with youth star Nithiin. Usually when a project with a big star is in the pipeline, directors tend to wait.

But instead of waiting Puri is immersed in writing scripts, screenplay for different projects. Not just that, he also ends up wrapping up the shooting in two months time even if it is a big hero project. At the same time, Puri ensures his branding is not being reduced by working with big guns like Chiru, Mahesh Babu and others. Hats off Puri!

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