'Cave'- It's Beyond A 7-Star Experience

By - May 21, 2015 - 08:17 PM IST

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Why do you go to a star hotel, especially a 5-star? It is because the kind of ambience, feel and experience you have is exhilarating. If a 5-Star hotel can give you such delight then you can imagine how a 7-Star hotel will be. As such, Hyderabad has got many five star hotels.

But the cine circles are saying there is one place in the city which is as good as a 7-star hotel. Well, that place happens to be ‘Cave’, the office of crazy director Puri Jagannadh. Those who have visited the place say sitting in ‘Cave’ is beyond 7 star experience. While the interiors are simply out of the world, there is more.

The hospitality from Puri Jagannadh is remarkable but obviously you can enter the ‘Cave’ only on his invite. Some of those lucky few who went there say the ambience, service, environment is completely mind blowing and you feel so luxurious and pampered when you go there. This has led to many filmnagar members trying hard to get an invite from Puri. That’s the ‘Cave’ story!

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