RGV 365 Days Movie Review and Ratings

By - January 01, 1970 - 05:30 AM IST

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Cast: Nandu, Anaika Soti
Banner: ZED 3 Pictures
Editor: Anwar Ali
Cinematography: Anith Madadi
Music: Nag Srivasthav
Producer: Sudheer Chandra
Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Tagline: Strictly for Happy Singles & Unhappy Couples

Avg. User Rating: 2.5/5


Apoorv (Nandoo) and Shreya (Anika Soti) are two happy singles with strong individualities who eventually fall in love with each other and subsequently get married convincing their respective parents. But a series of incidents between the newly wed couple lead to divorce within 365days of married life. What are those incidents that led to their divorce and how did Apoorv and Shreya doctor their relationship forms the plot of the story.


Nandoo: This promising actor has put up a decent show in the film with his subtle acting (Of course he had frustration to enact most of the time).

Anaika Soti: This saucy actress  impresses with her glamor more than acting.

Posani: He plays a key role in the film & the facts of love, sex, marriage he reveals are hilarious.

The rest of the cast including Krishnudu, Satya Krishna, Surekha Vani and others delivered their dialogues and disappeared - ofcourse played their part in the limited offered to them.


Given Ram Gopal Varma’s past and being familiar with his filmmaking, 365 Days can be called an “offbeat subject” but instead of making a film, he has ended up with an extended version of his texts and opinion upon topics like Love, Sex & Marriage. In what is to be believed as a film based upon his married life experiences, observations and inferences about marriage, RGV listed out his findings regarding Love, Sex and early days of Married life, made some honest confessions about his understanding of the institutional practice called marriage and apparently tried to incorporate some of his interpretations as well. Nonetheless to say the film dealt with some hard facts of the abovementioned topics but in the due course, the director inadvertently forgets about something called ‘emotional connect’ in the process of storytelling.

The screenplay might remind us of the English film 500 Days of Summer yet 365 Days is uniquely different because of RGV’s narration and his apparent leaks about the forthcoming scene. On the other hand, besides some scenes of Posani that talk about some facts of love, sex and marriage in typical Posani style, the majority of scenes between the lead pair get rather monotonous. Though the film has an interesting story line and a conflict that majority can relate to, the lackadaisical narration spoils the broth. However, 365 Days can be termed as a conventional filmmaking style that RGV resorted to after a long while and it turns out to be a one-time watch.


- Storyline and conflict point.

- Posani’s dialogues and performance.

- Anaika’s glamor.

- Decent Music & Cinematography.


- Screenplay with preachy scenes and bland narration.

- Lack of emotional connect in the narration.

- Background score.


Unlike RGV's previous films like Ice Cream (1 & 2), surprisingly, this film has songs and that too decent songs that are decently picturized. But sadly, the back ground score is absolutely mediocre and don't be shocked if get to hear a soundtrack from Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained movie also.


Anaika Soti is at her glamorous best in the song "Andaniki Nirvachanam..." Its an eye feast for fans.


365 days is strictly for the happy singles who are looking forward to get married and also for the newly wed couples who are discontent over their wedding. Certainly a notch better than   RGV's recent outings - you can try your luck... You never know...you may like it!

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