Next Big Wedding?

By - May 22, 2015 - 10:14 AM IST

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Nothing beats the fun and excitement of attending a wedding of someone near and dear and if it happens to be a big fat wedding then the thrill factor gets multiplied. This is the reason why all those who attended the wedding of rocking star Manchu Manoj are going ga ga over the arrangements, food and other things.

While that has come to an end, the talk now is about the next big wedding in Tollywood and it is already coming close. Well, the man to get hitched next is none other than comedy king Allari Naresh. Till recently, there were constant questions making rounds as to when this hero is going to tie the knot.

The moment has finally arrived and already Naresh got engaged. The lady in his life happens to be Virupa who hails from Chennai and now Naresh’s wedding is scheduled to take place on May 29 at N-Convention Center in Hyderabad. This is going to be yet another star studded event for this summer.

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