Mohan Babu sensational comments on Telugu Producers

By - May 23, 2015 - 04:37 PM IST

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Collection King Mohan Babu who is known for his bold attitude and straightforwardness has once again hit the headlines with his sensational comments on some Telugu producers.

In the recent success meet of Dongata movie, Mohan Babu described producers who unnecessarily inflate the budgets and evade remunerations of the cast and technicians as "Lafangis". He predicted that such producers will not have longevity in the industry. Mohan Babu added that there is nothing called big and small in the industry and lastly he also stated that he'll open his mouth about such producers and their unfair practices very soon.

Some industry onlookers opine that these indirect comments are about producer Bellamkonda Suresh and the past Manchu family and Bellamkonda  adds strength to this version. Anyhow lets wait and see if Mohan Babu strikes back on this topic in near future.

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