Baahubali Audio Rights for Rs 2 Crores?

By - May 26, 2015 - 05:15 PM IST

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Baahubali – right now this word is creating a lot of buzz in the Telugu film industry. Every single matter related to the Baahubali movie is getting a lot of hype and attention from all over.

Recently we heard about Baahubali’s whopping audio live telecast rights. But now latest reports reveal that renowned South Indian audio company Lahari Audio has bagged the audio rights of Baahubali movie for about Rs 2 Crores which is indeed a never-heard-before amount!

There is also news that given the huge hype over the film, the ticket price of Baahubali movie shall be hiked. Well, the makers need to seek all the necessary permissions from the government to ever implement this idea. But this news has already created enough fears for the fans and evoked negativity over the film.

Well are these just publicity stunts or just rumors? Its high time Baahubali team needs to offer some clarification. Let’s wait and see if we will get any in the audio release function this May 31.

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