Sexy Stuffed Body Targeting South

By - May 30, 2015 - 12:06 PM IST

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If you look at the top league heroines of Tollywood then it is clearly obvious that almost all of them hail from the north. And usually, the girls who come from north tend to be rather slender and slim. This is generally not the taste of the south Indian men. They like to see their heroines with some flesh at the right places.

This fundamental is something which seems to have dawned on a Bollywood beauty and she has done the needful in this regard. She is none other than the svelte beauty Sonal Chauhan. Long ago, she made her debut in Tollywood with the movie Rainbow and looked like a thin matchstick.

But now, Sonal has added few pounds to her beautiful body and is looking extremely hot and sexy. She started creating the buzz when she was seen in the movie Legend and now she has taken it to the peak with her latest offering Pandaga Chesko. Those who have seen Sonal are going bonkers over her sexy stuffed body. Sonal sure seems to be set for a long way in south.

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